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VAPO LLC  is the owner of EVENTIKZ brand (hereinafter - EVENTIKZ) and operates the website eventikz.com – global event technology and online ticket sale platform, powering thousands of events worldwide. Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly online ticketing experience to event organizers and customers. Our goal is to promote and support concerts, festivals, sports competitions and various events, their participants and organizers. Listing tickets for different events on our website eventikz.com done according to the contract signed between EVENTIKZ and the Organizer based on which EVENTIKZ acts as an agent / mediator between the Organizer and the event attendant / ticket buyer, as EVENTIKZ offers to buy tickets from the Organizer through its website. Accordingly, EVENTIKZ does not purchase tickets from Organizer, does not participate in the decision making process and in determining the ticket price of different events. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, because by registering, logging in, using EVENTIKZ web-site and its services, by purchasing or/and attempting to purchase a ticket, you automatically agree and giving unconditional acceptance to these terms and conditions. EVENTIKZ is authorized to unilaterally, without prior notice to the customer, at any time to make changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions, which will be placed on the eventikz.com web site. Further usage of the website will be considered as consent and acceptance to any such changes and additions. Based on above mentioned, we advise you to take a closer look at these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a ticket. For privacy and data security, please see our Privacy Policy, which is also available on our website https://eventikz.com.


All objects placed on the eventikz.com website and EVENTIKZ social pages, including: website design, trademarks, logos, design elements, texts, graphic images, illustrations, applications, and any other object is EVENTIKZ's property and belongs to us. All rights are reserved. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, transfer, sell or otherwise use any Content and material, without EVENTIKZ written consent and permission. For the placement of various materials on EVENTIKZ website and social pages, the advertiser shall have the copyright to such materials. In case of any such material posted on our pages, EVENTIKZ automatically has the free and exclusive right to use, publish and distribute such materials in any manner, in its sole discretion. USER, USER’s AGE, STATEMENTS & GUARANTEES You must be 18 years or older to use EVENTIKZ website and its services, otherwise it is necessary to have a consent of your legal representative. By accepting these Terms and Conditions and using EVENTIKZ website and its services, the User Confirms and Guarantees that: • User reached the age of 18 or has a legal representative consent; • User is not an object of fraud, harassment, threat, pressure and deception, misleading or other illegal and prohibited actions by EVENTIKZ or any other third person; • You fully understand the expression of your will, you are aware of the nature and essence of these terms and conditions as well as their legal consequences; • User has or received full authority to use the EVENTIKZ website and services and to fulfill the obligations under these terms and conditions; • Carefully acquainted and fully accepted these terms and conditions as well as EVENTIKZ Privacy Policy; • All the data submitted by the user are true and accurate. His action is not directed to the deceit of EVENTIKZ or/and any third party related to it; • You will fully and consistently follow these Terms and Conditions In good faith and comply with the obligations undertaken according to these Terms and Conditions; • User agrees that the communication (both incoming and outgoing calls) over the phone may be recorded by EVENTIKZ and used to improve our services and in cases envisaged by law; • In case of violation of these statements and guarantees as well as presented terms and conditions, EVENTIKZ has full authority to claim damages and the User agrees to compensate and protect EVENTIKZ from any damages, complaints, costs, legal processes and any other liability which may arise as a result of such violation;


Registration on eventikz.com website is free. In order to register to EVENTIKZ, you would have two options: either by providing your E-mail address and specifying a password to create a new account under EVENTIKZ or by using your Facebook account. In case if you have chosen to provide your account with your email address, after registration, you need to activate your account before your first login by simply clicking on the activation link sent into your E-mail address upon registration. As soon as you are successfully registered, the same E-mail and password are needed to log-in to our website. Please be careful and do not give third parties your password. You are responsible for any transactions (payments) on our website and the placement of any information, even if your profile is used by other people. You, being the user, undertake the responsibility to contact EVENTIKZ immediately in case of violation of any security norms. It is strictly forbidden to indicate invalid personal or other information while registering on our website. In case if you may have provided wrong personal details, after your first login you are able to change your personal details under your profile section. Before the registration is completed, please review the information you have provided and correct it if necessary. In case of any changes in the personal data specified by the user, the user is obliged and relatively we kindly ask you to update your profile and indicate updated information and correct data on our website. Otherwise EVENTIKZ removes any liability and any responsibility and it is the user, who is fully responsible for any damages. The user agrees and therefore grants EVENTIKZ full power and Authorization, in its sole discretion, request and receive any personal information about any user from any sources for the purposes of acquiring, verifying, comparing, analyzing and storing them and fulfilling contractual rights and obligations. After filling in the information on EVENTIKZ web-site and after the user confirms and accepts its Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, the users will receive an Email notification from EVENTIKZ. Please follow the instructions in the E-mail notification to complete the registration successfully. After successful registration, you can visit your profile any time. EVENTIKZ kindly asking you to fill in as much information as possible, this will help EVENTIKZ providing a better service to its customers. With your profile you can also: • Edit your personal information • View the history of the tickets you have purchased and the payments you have made • Check Payment Status • change your password at any time • Enable or disable newsletter subscription • Use many other services and functions that EVENTIKZ will constantly offer to its customers

Important information:

EVENTIKZ does not own the information and does not have access to the bank card details used on our website, such as card number, card validity, card security code etc. Some of the events posted on our website have specific rules and conditions, which will be posted and clearly indicated on EVENTIKZ website on the relevant event field. Such specific rules and conditions of the particular event have a superior force and predominant power towards these general terms and conditions.


Users need to complete the registration on our website eventikz.com to start purchasing the tickets. If you are already registered user, you just need to log in. To purchase the ticket, first please select the desired event that you would like to attend and then indicate number and type of the ticket. After that, go to the payment page and enter the credit card information. After payment confirmation you will receive Electronic ticket in QR-Code on success page which will be valid only for one hour, you may either save your tickets on your mobile phone or print them, at the same time after a successful payment an E-mail will be send to your registered E-mail address, which contains a permanent link for accessing to your tickets, also you have this option to retrieve your tickets from orders tab in your profile. You may also receive confirmation sms on the mobile number indicated by you. Ticket purchase process will be completed only after the payment is done and only after EVENTIKZ confirms your purchase by sending the confirmation and the unique code of the ticket to your E-mail address. Please carefully save the unique code of the ticket. Never publish and never transfer the unique code of your ticket to any person. Before payment, EVENTIKZ always fully and transparently shows the ticket price (face value of the ticket) as well as service and transaction fee and shows you the total amount of transaction. Please be noted that the service and transaction fee are separate from the face value of the ticket itself and the total payable amount is the sum of ticket face value plus service and transaction fee. Please note, that VAT is included in EVENTIKZ fees. EVENTIKZ acts as an agent / mediator between the Organizer and customer / ticket buyer offering to buy tickets from the Organizer through our website. Accordingly, as EVENTIKZ does not purchase tickets from Organizer, in case a user / buyer requests VAT receipt of the face value of the ticket, please contact the Organizer. Also by purchasing ticket from EVENTIKZ, after any payment you will receive some (varied based on the amount of spending) virtual coins as a credit, you are able to track your coins in your profile and on any payment you can spend your coins for purchasing a tickets. Please note, that in case the ticket value is paid by either coins or from your balance, the transaction & service fee won’t be applied. In some cases and for some events, the organizer may set the age restriction. The information about these restrictions will be available on our website in the relevant event field. If your age does not meet the established age restriction, please do not purchase a ticket for this event, otherwise if you will not be allowed to attend the event, EVENTIKZ is exempt from any liabilities and will not be eligible and responsible for any refund. Please note that EVENTIKZ is not obliged to return back sold tickets. Please note that EVENTIKZ is not obliged and never has the obligation to get back sold ticket and /or refund the ticket price, because as it was already mentioned above, EVENTIKZ acts as an agent / mediator between the Organizer and the event attendant / ticket buyer, as EVENTIKZ offers to buy tickets from the Organizer through its website. Accordingly, EVENTIKZ does not purchase tickets from Organizer, Does not participate in determining the ticket price of the event and in the decision making process of event attending and other rules and conditions included ticket cancelation and refund. Accordingly, the user is fully aware that EVENTIKZ is a mediator between the organizer and the customer and the decision to cancel / return back the ticket and refund is made by Organizer. The organizer determines and establishes the rules for canceling the tickets and refunds. Accordingly, for your better and detailed information, we will place these rules additionally in the event field. The decision to return the money is made by the organizer and in case of positive decision only face value of the ticket will be refunded. EVENTIKZ service and transaction fees are not the subject of refund. EVENTIKZ and its user unequivocally agree that EVENTIKZ service and transaction fees are not subject to returns and refunds. In case the positive decision to return the money is made by Organizer and technically the face value of the ticket is transferred by EVENTIKZ, together with service and transaction fees mentioned above, EVENTIKZ may deduct additional fees related to such transfer / return (if any), namely official transferring fee / commission defined by the bank. In case which organizer accepted to cancel a ticket for any reason and the value of ticket was refunded to EVENTIKZ, you will see the value of ticket as a credit in your account balance in EVENTIKZ website. In this case you will have option either to spend from your balance on future ticket purchasing inside the EVENTIKZ and requesting a refund directly from your profile. By accepting these Terms and Conditions and using EVENTIKZ website and its services, the User Confirms and Guarantees that: • It is unacceptable to transfer the unique code of the ticket to third parties or/and to place it publicly, otherwise it may be used by others; • Do not buy a ticket if you intend to resell them afterwards - It is prohibited; • It is prohibited to sell purchased ticket; • If you attempt to resell purchased ticket, If we suspect you are attempting to resell tickets or purchasing ticket for further resell purposes, EVENTIKZ reserves the right to cancel such tickets and their unique codes or forbid the user to purchase the ticket on its website; • Purchased ticket might be printed or saved electronically; • EVENTIKZ reserves the right not to allow the user to purchase the ticket and /or to cancel the transaction and the ticket unique codes in case the purchase is carried out and /or violated these Terms and Conditions, If EVENTIKZ have the reason to believe that you are in any way involved in any fraudulent activity (including the credit card payment frauds), money laundering or other criminal activity, if the customer indicates the incorrect personal and other data, and if there is a legal dispute between us and the user.


EVENTIKZ is not responsible for any damages and losses of user’s or other person’s data, software and hardware, computer, mobile phone or any other devices while using our website and services, Except where the reason for such loss is EVENTIKZ's premeditated action. EVENTIKZ is not responsible for any viruses that may harm user’s any devices. Relatively to protect yourself, you should take your own security measures. EVENTIKZ is not responsible for any damages of user’s or any other third person’s PC, mobile and any other devices, if abovementioned was caused by downloading any kind of information and/or program from our website or by using any link placed on our website. EVENTIKZ is not responsible for defects, errors, terminations and delays in processing and transmitting any data, failure of communication means, unauthorized access to user data, stealing and destruction user’s any material, due to malfunctions of networks, computer systems, servers, providers, PC or phone software, E-mail services technical malfunctions or any other technical problems. EVENTIKZ does not check the information of users or any other third parties, does not check authenticity and correctness of such information placed on our or users and any other third persons websites. eventikz.com website or any of its services may become totally or partially inaccessible for Preventive measures taken by EVENTIKZ or for any other technical reasons. EVENTIKZ is fully authorized to take such preventive technical measures without any consent or prior notice of the users. Relatively, EVENTIKZ does not guarantee the uninterrupted function of its website and its services and it will not and cannot bear the responsibility if the website or any of its services becomes partially or totally inaccessible. EVENTIKZ is not responsible for the actions of the organizers and any other third parties and because of any information placed on their websites, also because of illegal and unauthorized access to user data. EVENTIKZ does not check and control the information provided by third parties including organizers. Consequently, it does not take responsibility and does not guarantee the correctness and authenticity of the information posted on the website. By using EVENTIKZ website and its services, you unconditionally release EVENTIKZ from any and all responsibilities and liabilities.


EVENTIKZ reserves the right, at any time, at its sole discretion, to change, add, and/or delete any information posted on our web site, without prior notice. EVENTIKZ is not responsible for the contents of third parties' websites, even if the links to such websites are posted on its website. EVENTIKZ may update its Terms and Conditions from time to time by posting new Terms and Conditions on our website and update the "effective date" at the top of this Terms and Conditions. You are advised to review this Terms and Conditions precisely. These terms and Conditions as well as further Changes to this Terms and Conditions are effective when they are posted on EVENTIKZ website. All organizational issues related to the events are under the full responsibility of organizer. EVENTIKZ puts the events on the website and sells the event tickets in accordance with the order made by the event organizer. All the rules and conditions related to the event shall be determined by the organizer itself, based on mentioned above, EVENTIKZ is not / will not be responsible for the cancelation, postponement and any changes and amendment of the event, also in case of material changes in the rules and conditions of particular events. The users (customers) are / will be entitled to put in a request to the organizer of the event and not to EVENTIKZ. Without any prior notification, at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to terminate and/or temporarily restrict the access on our website, terminate and/or restrict access to our services, cancel the ticket and its unique codes, after which it will be impossible to attend the event, if the user violates any provisions of these Terms and Conditions and does not fulfill its liabilities and obligations listed in these Terms and Conditions. The invalidation of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions does not invalidate other provisions and in this case the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are in force without such invalid provision. Any disagreements and disputes between the Parties will be resolved through mutual negotiation and mutual agreement. In case it is impossible to reach mutual agreement, any dispute will be carried out by the Tbilisi City Court according to the Georgian legislation.


In case of any suspicious circumstances, request for your personal data on behalf of our company, in case you found our company's fake website or if you have any questions and/or comments about this Terms and Condition, also in case of any problems during the registration or logging in, if you are not able to make any changes in your personal information, please contact us:

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