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EVENTIKZ is the global event technology and online ticket sale platform, powering thousands of events worldwide. 

EVENTIKZ.com is a secure and user friendly online ticket selling platform. Selling tickets is done within a few clicks. Buyers can easily pay online and will receive the tickets immediately. Listing your ticket on EVENTIKZ.com is free. Only once a ticket is sold are there costs associated with the use of EVENTIKZ.com. We are a dedicated team with a passion for helping organizers to run their events smoothly and successfully. Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly online ticketing experience to event organizers and customers. 
Our goal is to promote and support concerts, festivals, sports competitions and various events, their participants and organizers. 
Our Event Management Software (EMS) with RFID Technology will easily manage access control, improve efficiency, reduce queues and dramatically increase security of your events. We provide a safer, more convenient, super-fast food and beverage transactions thanks to our Cashless Payment Technology.       

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